Personalized housing assistance

The objective of Housing Assistance is to facilitate access to low- income earners. There are many more if you have work to finance.

What is it?

For tenants: This is a payment of part of the rent.

For the owners: It takes the form of a repayment of the loan of a principal residence.

Only one dwelling per beneficiary can benefit from the right to the APL, that of the principal residence. The whole household can only make one request. The amount of your personalized assistance entitlement varies according to the geographical area where the accommodation is located.

It also varies according to your family situation (couple, single person, etc …). Personalized housing assistance depends on your resources and the nature of your principal residence.

For people who depend on the agricultural system, the aid is paid by the MSA or the CAF.

The conditions to respect to benefit from it

Resource Conditions

The total income of people living in the household is taken into account in the final calculation. Some ceilings must not be exceeded. The resources of the year N-2 are taken into account to calculate your APL.

This is the reference tax income reported for the entire household and shown on your tax notice. The incomes of all tenants are taken into account if you live in a flat share.

It should also be known that the wealth is included in the calculation of the rights if it exceeds 30 000 euros and that since October 1, 2016. Your APL may be reduced or canceled if you find yourself in this situation.

Beneficiaries of the AAH and the elderly who reside in EHPAD are not concerned by this measure. The lower the household income, the more likely you are to receive the PLA.

Shipping company conditions related to the nature of the accommodation

In order to benefit from personalized housing assistance , the housing must be considered as decent and strictly respect the security criteria:

  • Respect for a minimum surface area per person in the home
  • Electricity grid complies with standards.

In order for the organization you depend on (CAF or MSA) to study your rights to personalized housing assistance , you must be in one of the following situations:

  • Rental or roommate in a housing agreement: an agreement with the State must have been signed by the owner of the housing you rent.

It shows his commitment to rent at a maximum rent. If this is not the case, you can still benefit another housing benefit.

Sub-tenants may also benefit from shipping company provided that they are reported to the owner:

  • Owner who has benefited from a loan contracted by the State
  • Resident in a shelter: young workers’ home, social residence
  • Resident in HLM
  • Resident of CROUS housing

However, if you rent to a member of your ascendant family (parents, grandparents) or descendants (children, grandchildren) or the descendants of your spouse, you can not qualify for personalized housing assistance .
The area of ​​housing is also taken into account in the study of the right to APL. It must be at least 9 square meters for a single person and at least 16 square meters for 2 people.

CAF APL is paid only for your primary accommodation. You must occupy it (you, your spouse or any other dependent) at least 8 months a year in order to benefit from this assistance.

Personalized housing assistance can be awarded regardless of your employment situation (employee, jobseeker, student) and regardless of family composition.

A residence permit is mandatory for any applicant who is a foreign national outside the European Union.

Minors can also claim CAF APL. The rental agreement must be in the name of his parents if the minor is not emancipated.