Bank loan 100% online

The beginning of this partnership was in December 2016, with the purpose of offering clients not only one more partner to increase the chances of receiving a possible credit approval, but also to provide the best loan conditions in addition to all the security of Bank .

Bank loan 100% online

Bank loan

You simulate the value and installments of your personal credit, send your documents to the analysis of your profile and receive confirmation of your approved, unsolicited offer.

  • What is the difference of Bank?

     The great differential of this partner is speed in receiving your credit response in up to 5 minutes and still close all the contracting of the loan online, that’s right, thanks to this cooperation with Bank it became faster to borrow 100% online. This happens thanks to the integrated system between The Lender and the Bank, where after choosing the Bank offer your documents are analyzed directly and you sign the contract securely and completely online.

  • How does the Bank loan work?

    How does the Bank loan work?

  • The minimum loan amount is R $ 1000 and the maximum amount is R $ 24 thousand, with Bank you can install your loan in up to 24 months. To pay your bills is even easier, since this partner offers bank cards, can also pay via Internet Bank, direct at the bank or even in lottery houses. This partnership only has to grow more and more, all this so that our customers are more and more satisfied with all the services offered in The Lender.
  • Why is it worth choosing a 100% online loan from Bank?

    The Lender is always committed to finding the best banks and financial institutions so our customers can get more interest rate options and more chances of getting credit approval. In this way more profiles are accepted, and the client can find a safe loan online, and for always focusing on great partners the Bank could not be left out, and now it is an important ally for more Brazilians to get the much dreamed loan. Besides being able to count on a service 100% online, being able to make your request from wherever you are without having to go to the bank and face long lines. With this partnership you can do everything online, without leaving your home to send your documents or even to sign the contract. Here at The Lender you can do it all in the blink of an eye, in the comfort of your home.

  • How can I apply for my 100% online loan from Bank ?

    How can I apply for my 100% online loan from Bank ?

  • Just make a credit application here on our website and you can get the answer in a few minutes and get all your projects out of the way. The easiest way for you to realize your dreams! With the loan 100% online you will no longer have to face your manager in the bank while trying to borrow your loan, here you can do everything for your phone without wasting time.
  • Is Bank reliable?

    Is Bank reliable?

  • Our partner Bank is a financial institution recognized for its commitment to improve the credit service throughout Brazil, always seeking to facilitate the life of its clients and persist in maintaining its quality in service and resolution of financial problems of consumers .

    Currently, there are 2 million clients and the Bank’s goal is to expand even more by keeping the focus on their love of serving and transforming the credit market into something simpler and more affordable.

  • Does the Bank or The Lender charge any early fees?

    Remembering that both The Lender and Bank do not charge any amount in advance, ie the client only starts to pay any amount only after receiving the money in their bank account. Because of this the partner is not responsible for fraudulent sites, whenever any company charges any amount in advance contact us from The Lender or even with our partner Bank, so you can get all your doubts at once, avoiding bigger future headaches. So do not forget, if any company asks for any money up front either for guarantor fee, notary fees or any other type of payment, be wary. The Lender and their partners never ask for any amount in advance.

  • Why choose a Bank loan?

    Why choose a Bank loan?

  • Bank is a financial institution recognized for its three pillars, which are: tradition, solidity and trust. Where it is always in search of innovating its internal systems and transforming excellence in people. The does not have any physical agency, thus having the services of attending to its clients by its corresponding banking partners throughout the country.
  • What is the mission of Bank ?

    Your main mission is always to guarantee your clients the best experience when applying for a loan, we know that borrowing money is a dilemma for many people, and Bank can turn this step into something simpler and faster, showing your customer the best interest rate conditions we have currently on the market, all in a record time. Without spending the time of the client, and always helping in all trajectory until you get the money in your account and realize your dreams.