Credit works in a classic bank

To renovate or renovate your home, the work can quickly increase the bill.

The services of a bank make it possible to benefit from a loan to realize its projects of dream. What are the arrangements to be made beforehand?

The prerequisite to apply for a loan works

To embark on the work of construction, development or renovation is not improvisation. It is necessary to establish concrete quotes from professionals. This makes it possible to accurately quantify the necessary budget. The specifications are guides for studying the necessary aids.

You have to know in advance whether there will be a subsidy or a loan at a profitable rate. Banks can grant a loan without a contribution by studying savings, existing loans and probable cash inflows. The subsidized loan is more granted for energy renovation works. The social housing loan is reserved for low-income households.

They receive nearly 4,000 euros to finance the energy renovation works. The zero-rate loan is also granted by the State in the event of limited resources to acquire an old home to renovate.

The credit simulator works is ideal for estimating the required loan. Whether for expansion or renovation work, take the time to make a good estimate of the amount of work. The credit simulator works is free.

The issues needed before choosing a work loan

Before starting the procedure for the subscription of a loan work, in a serious establishment , it is necessary to ask some questions. The first question concerns the scope, purpose and purpose of the work.

Is it the improvement of the living environment, the upgrading or reducing the energy bill? What is the budget needed to actually do the work? To answer this problem, we need to collect data by asking a range of quotes from professionals to make an estimate of the real cost of the work.

What is the current debt capacity? This is a crucial question to not sink into endless debt. In principle, the monthly payments of all loans must not exceed 33% of monthly income.

What will be the real impact of the monthly payments on the family budget? This loan does not risk to lead the family to its decline? Would it be possible to opt for a particular category of work loans with a zero interest rate.

Interest rates are taken into account entirely by the State. The PTZ still called the loan rate 0 is the work of the government to assist individuals in carrying out work related to a new home.

The second case is the eco-PTZ or eco-loan work rate 0. It is granted for the financing of renovations of buildings made before the year 1990. The work relates to thermal insulation or installation of energy sources renewable.

A real estate loan or a consumer loan to carry out the work?

It is possible to finance the work by subscribing to a classic bank credit. The mortgage loan can be used to finance the work. The sums are in principle released according to the progress of the work on the presentation of the invoices.

As a homeowner, you can get a home loan from your bank. Consumer credit is unsecured and unsecured. When doing the work yourself, you can apply for a consumer loan at your bank.

In this case, no estimate is required, unlike the works credit. As soon as the sum is paid, the renovation can be done without the intervention of professionals. Nevertheless, the works that are subsidized by the ANAH are generally carried out by a building expert. When it comes to Action Logement’s improvement work, the various equipment acquisition invoices must be presented.

The procedures for obtaining the loan works

The loan application must be filed with the targeted bank.

The file contains the proof of address and identity, the last 3 statements of account, the latest tax notice, the supporting documents of the proposed works, namely the specifications or the architect’s plan, proof of the relevance of the works considered, the certificate of the value of the building, the amortization table of the possible loans on the building, the proofs of income including pay slips, the balance sheet of the company, declarations Urssaf, the proof CAF , insurer or pension fund and the supporting documents concerning outstanding credits through the presentation of the amortization schedule and payment certificates issued by the bank or lender.

To optimize the loan application file, it is advisable to gather the documents, think carefully in advance, make a personal contribution and provide a deposit.