Bankor loan redemption

Bankor is a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group and turns to a human positioning. Founded in 1986, the finance company specialized in consumer lending stands out as the local credit specialist, responsible and attentive to your needs. It manufactures and distributes financing solutions tailored to individual projects such as small businesses. Bankor offers the opportunity to apply for a list loan from its very well designed site.

Products offered by Bankor

Very close to its customers, Bankor offers to individuals and professionals a wide range of credits in order to concretize all your projects in the most adapted way to your profile and your budget:

  • Bankor’s revolving credit gives you access at any time to the amount of money requested.
  • The Bankor MasterCard allows you to pay your default or credit cash purchases anywhere in the world and make withdrawals at no cost. The deferred payment is free and can go up to forty days. You keep all the guarantees of a MasterCard credit card.
  • Classic personal loans are all available from Bankor. You benefit from a work loan , a car and motorbike loan , as well as a project loan that will be very useful for you to easily realize your desires.
  • Credit Redemption brings together all your outstanding loans, whatever their nature, into one single loan. You have a simpler and clear vision of your repayments because you benefit from a single monthly payment taken on a fixed date. You are thus better able to anticipate a possible fall in income. Thanks to reduced monthly payments, you have the faculty to undertake new projects.
  • Bankor markets a form of innovative loan, it is the loan backed by employee savings. Entitled Prêt Myself, it is ideal to realize your project of 500 euros to 75 000 euros. Indeed, you can take advantage early of your employee savings to repay the capital at the time of annual release of your savings.
  • Insurance formulas are also very efficient. You’ll find something to protect all credit subscriptions. If you opt for a car or motorcycle loan, Bankor protects you from any problem. By taking out a work loan, Bankorwill cover your monthly payments in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and in the event that you repay a loan for projects, taking out insurance will make you more confident in fulfilling your wishes in complete safety. Even the Myself loan has specific insurance. You always have peace of mind and your loved ones as these optional insurance guarantees that you take care of your situation. A death, a total and irreversible loss of autonomy, a total temporary inability to work, the loss of your job will not come to undermine your finances since your credit will be settled by Bankor. You are certain to have the ability to repay your loans even under the worst of circumstances. You will never embarrass your loved ones because they will not have to take your relay in tragic circumstances. Although the insurance of a loan is not obligatory, it is advised however to cover risks which can arise at any time.

The strengths of the Bankor loan redemption

Bankor offers financing solutions at really attractive rates. The Bankor website makes it possible to consult the available balance, to request a transfer to finance a project or to consult a statement of account. Navigation is facilitated and it is within the reach of all.

You will find all the necessary information about credit so you do not get started without knowing your commitments. By applying for a credit with Bankor, you will receive a response in principle in less than five minutes and you do not agree in any case. The organization agrees to send you your funding after final acceptance of your file in 48 hours.

Your money is not only available quickly but you also benefit from a monthly payment transfer once your personal situation becomes too complex. Bankor puts itself within the reach of honest consumers and understands the temporary difficulties. As a result, she tries at all costs to avoid over- indebtedness .

The weak spots

Bankor lacks notoriety despite its great professionalism.