Amphibank work loan

You want to do work in your kitchen, shower, living room, living room decoration, … but a handicap of size prevents you: the financing.

That should not stop you in your projects, because the group amphibank, specialized in consumer credit, offers the financing solution for your work.

Amphibank, Financial Solutions Expert

A subsidiary of the Retail Group, amphibank is mainly active in banking and insurance. The services offered by amphibank have diversified since its creation in 1983.

Thus, in the 11 countries and particularly in France where the group is actively present, customers, if they wish, can benefit from financial assistance for their housework. This is the personal loan Works / Decoration proposed to all.

Personal Loan Work / Deco Amphibank: the financial support you need!

This type of credit is for anyone, owner or tenant, who wants to do work at home or acquire equipment for housing.

The highlights of amphibank’s Construction / Decorating Credit

The benefits of amphibank’s work loan are many. Indeed, the granting of credit is followed by various personalized services. Flexibility according to the will of the borrower, because it is he who chooses the duration on which the repayment will spread. It is between 12 and 60 months and can go up to 80 months if the project is justified.

Although the duration is fixed at the beginning, the customer has a not inconsiderable flexibility which can enable him to take a break (without being debited) of 2 monthly installments a year if he faces some temporary difficulties. The process, totally free, is done online after a few steps.

How to get the Amphibank Work Loan?

The process takes place in 3 steps and you have all the keys to get the sum you need.

1. Amphibank allows you to make a simulation of your credit: by selecting the loan amount and then the duration or the monthly payment, the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) applied to your credit is displayed. It is this rate that allows you to choose the best organization to subscribe to this credit. Want to know the APRs applied by amphibank’s competitors? Just use our very accurate comparison tool .

2. Complete the online application form; an agreement in principle is immediately concluded.

3. Following this written agreement that you must download and return to amphibank with the supporting documents, your case will be studied and the response to your request will be given within 48 hours.

Since this is a 100% remote subscription, you can claim your right of withdrawal no later than 14 days, if your loan is unlocked and you do not want more.

Insurance of your personal loan Amphibank Works / Decoration

Life is full of surprises and it is better to be ready for all eventualities. For this, amphibank offers a borrower insurance to help customers if they can not repay their credit. Membership is optional and the guarantee provides for death or temporary incapacity for work of at least 90 days.

Subscribing to amphibank Work Loans has some definite benefits. But before doing so, it is better to make a comparison to choose the best offer available.