Personal payday loans for the disabled

The personal payday loans for the disabled are promoted, the National Association of Disabled Italians, which every year stipulates agreements with credit institutions and companies that allow the disbursement of the required capital according to the possibilities of the funds allocated and the economic and personal situation applicant, by associating a reduced interest rate and a personalized repayment plan to his net monthly salary or pension, which allows the subject not to run into financial difficulties or insolvency.

The objective of the association is to include the disabled in a process of social inclusion, also through the financing of personal and family expenses.

General characteristics of the payday loans

General characteristics of the payday loans

To benefit from personal payday loans for the disabled it is necessary to pay an annual membership fee of 25 euros to the Executive Council of the National Association of Disabled Italians. personal payday loans for the disabled are intended for disabled people who can demonstrate the percentage of their disability by means of a medical certificate, in order to buy medical equipment and other useful means to provide concrete help to the applicant and his family, as they can be stays at specialized facilities for assistance to the disabled; they can reach the maximum payable amount of 30000 euros to be repaid with a 60-month amortization plan.

For large families or people with disabilities in economic difficulty.

The personal loan can reach 6000 euros, with a 4% Taeg, a monthly payment of 500 euros with a repayment period of 12 months. On the other hand, provides for the provision of a subsidized interest rate capital for the purchase of goods and services up to an amount of € 30000, to be repaid in a maximum period of 60 months, based on the law 104 of 1992.

Finance personal or family expenses

family expenses

To access the loan for the purchase of your first home, varying the capital according to your spending needs and with a subsidized interest rate for a TAEG of the 2.98%, with an amortization period of a maximum of 12 months, or a Taeg of 3.07% with amortization of 60 months.

The amount payable can range from 2000 euros to 15000 euros. The fixed one-year IRS rate, added to the spread, is 1% for payments of up to 2000 euros for holidays and stays in structures specialized in assistance to disabled people, of 1% fixed to 5 years for payments of up to 10,000 euros for the purchase of hardware and software for the disabled, of 1% fixed for 5 years up to € 15,000 for the purchase of special cars for the disabled or for the purchase of specific equipment for the disabled.

Financing the costs of purchasing goods and services for consumption

Financing the costs of purchasing goods and services for consumption

Such as cars, motorcycles, stays at facilities for disabled people, purchase of cars for the disabled; the maximum amount payable is 25,000 euros, to be repaid in 60 months maximum, with a rate of 1.25% and receipt of the loan by check sent.

The IRS rate is calculated on the average of what was stated by the “Letter” method, sometimes replaced by other specific reference indices for loans in the case of the fixed rate, to which is added the spread to determine the interest rate;  instead concerns the variable interest rate. Both are currently at an all-time low for each type of loan, even if the fixed rate is slightly higher, especially in the case of mortgage loans.