Call for applications: Innovator 25 in 2021

We open the call for applications for 2021 Innovator 25. Since our launch in 2013, we have identified 25 people each year in the Americas, EMEA, and most recently Asia-Pacific, who have to some extent increased and evolved their engagement and influence. .

We seek to recognize those who took risks to disrupt outdated business practices; a blend of masterful creativity and stunning impact; raised the social goal to new heights; or made real progress in changing behavior and results. These are just a few achievements that we consider to be innovative.

Submit your application here.

The deadline for submission is Friday July 2.

How do you select the Innovator 25?
The Innovator 25 are selected by the PRovoke editorial team. We make our selections through the nomination process, but we also draw on our own editorial research and meetings.

What are you looking for in the nominees?
Simply put, we’re looking for people who push the boundaries of the industry. This can take many forms, including: disrupting traditional business models; incorporate new technologies into influence and engagement; advancing the application of data and analytics; have an impact on diversity and inclusion; and more. Many of the Innovator 25 members do not come from a traditional career in communications or public relations, but their work has had an impact on our industry.

For our methodology, we focus on three areas:
– For what idea is the candidate recognized?
– How did they strategically execute this idea?
– What is the impact of the idea and the long-term implications

As this is an annual list, we prioritize the accomplishments of the past 12 months.

Can I propose myself?
Yes, but we encourage you to be as specific as possible about your accomplishments. (This is also true for all appointments.)

Are there any fees for naming?
No, there is no charge for submitting applications for the Innovator 25.

How do I submit an application?

Submit your application here.
The deadline for submission is Friday July 2.

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