On vaccine passports and return to “ normal ”

I’m finally microchipped, along with millions more, so Bill Gates and Dr Anthony Fauci can now follow our every move. They can see if I’m communicating with Elvis or if I’m hiding JFK in a private bunker. (MDR)

The old adage of not discussing politics or religion in public has gone further to include the COVID vaccine. Everyone has their opinion and this can cause friction. Nevertheless, I am here.

The COVID vaccine is avoided by the anti-vaccine crowd. They find most of their information and what they believe to be the coronavirus gospel on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

The question remains: should I trust my doctors who are primarily pro-vaccine or a bunch of conspiracy theorists and social media junkies without a medical degree?

If a business can say “no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no entry,” why can’t they say “no vaccine, no entry?”

Are there those who believe that your civil liberties would be violated if a vaccination passport became mandatory? Are your civil liberties violated when you decide not to get a driver’s license and driver’s license, or not to wear a seat belt while in a vehicle?

People need to get over their paranoia and realize that the government is not microchipping them with the COVID vaccine.

I feel safer in an establishment or on public transport where employees have been vaccinated. I won’t complain if private businesses, schools, airlines, cruise ships, and other travel and tourism related businesses require vaccine passports to enter.

The government may not be able to require a vaccine while the vaccine is still in the emergency stage. However, once it gets FDA approval, that’s another story.

The passport would have medical and religious exemptions.

Many states, cities and counties in America offer incentives for their residents to get vaccinated.

Ohio does a million dollar drawing. NYC offers fast food gift certificates and lotto tickets. Other states offer US savings bonds.

Walmart is offering employees $ 75.

Safeway Pharmacy offers a 10% discount on groceries.

Hawaii State Could Offer Free All Expenses Paid Roundtrip Trip To Ninth Island From Las Vegas With A Giant Spam Musubi! All I got was free coffee and pastries.

Much has changed since the start of the pandemic. New words like “social distancing”, “distance learning”, “work from home”, “curbside pickup” and many more are now common.

The slower lifestyle of years past has been welcomed by many. The beaches, coral reefs and fish had the chance to rest and replenish. The traffic was reduced. People had the chance to interact with their neighbors like in the 1950s.

The bad news is that many businesses have been forced to close; others have gone bankrupt. Many people could not afford rent, mortgage, utilities, or basic food and transportation expenses. Elective surgeries have been postponed, depression and suicide have increased, and scores of people around the world have died.

Are we ready to mingle again in large groups? Are we ready to shake hands, kiss and give a kiss on the cheek as a joint greeting, or have we all been conditioned to be germaphobes like famous TV sleuth Adrian Monk?

Are politicians going to be comfortable at rallies shaking hands with thousands of people and kissing babies? When someone sneezes or coughs in public, are we going to rush to the nearest restroom to gargle and wash our hands?

What is normal? The joke goes: normal is the setting on the washing machine. Will Western society ever get back to shaking hands because it is a traditional salute and the closure of trade deals, or will the abnormal remain our normal?

I have been vaccinated twice. I feel safe, however, life won’t be normal for me until the food samples are returned to Costco.


James “Kimo” Rosen lives in Kapa’a with her dog and blogs as a hobby at dakinetalk.blogspot.com.

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