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The fourth Thursday in November is approaching and it’s time for many of us to get off the courts and face several consecutive days of intense family time. This could be your first home visit since the start of the semester, or it could be your hundredth. You may have left school early to maximize your vacation, or you may be hanging out in the largely deserted college in your spare time. Some find the holidays heartwarming, others stressful. No matter how you see your Thanksgiving going, there’s an episode for you on this list. Settle in with a piece of pumpkin pie and check out my recommendations for the best episodes of the season.

“Thanksgiving”, Veep Season 5, Episode 5

If you want to laugh until your stomach hurts while masking a nagging sense of desperation in the current political climate, you’ll love Veep. This episode is full of outlines, but White House Chief of Staff Ben Caffrey’s response to an unfortunately scheduled salmonella outbreak – “We have to shut this down as a public school for the arts” – might be my favorite. .

“A Fried Korean Thanksgiving,” Gilmore Girls Season 3, Episode 9

The autumnal aura that emanates from every episode of Gilmore Girls reaches its peak in “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving”. We hang out with all of our favorite characters as Lorelai and Rory host four separate dinners throughout the day, and marvel at their ability to consume ungodly amounts of food – while talking really fast all the time.

“Thanksgiving”, Brooklyn 99 Season 1, Episode 10

Every member of the 99th Ward is at their peak here, from Amy’s eight-page toast to the Boyle Bingo Thanksgiving Edition game Charles can’t help but play. The team represents a family of friends, and the unconventional Thanksgiving they share is both fun and endearing.

“He is Risen”, The Sopranos season 3, episode 8

While The Sopranos might not be the most obvious choice for a Thanksgiving watchlist, Tony spends “He’s Risen” lying about his Thanksgiving plans in order to exclude a few people he doesn’t like. of his family dinner, and I think we can all sympathize.

Public Relations“, Mad Men Season 4, Episode 1

Mad Men is a quintessentially American show about the shallow lies of mid-century capitalism and the nuclear family. What could be a more appropriate watch for those busy American vacations? Betty and Sally share one of my favorite moments in “Public Relations” when Betty force-feeds her distressed daughter with a spoonful of sweet potato at her stepmother’s Thanksgiving dinner.

“A Thanksgiving Charlie Brown”

No Thanksgiving watchlist would be complete without this beloved special. I watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” every year, and with every replay, I’m struck by how sweet, weird, and funny it is. In addition, the soundtrack is sublime.

Honorable mentions without a Thanksgiving theme:

“Grad Night”, Schitt’s Creek Season 3, Episode 13

Schitt’s Creek is defined by the evolution of its central family unit, which makes the show a must-have Thanksgiving watch. Rose’s parents falter in their efforts to support their two children in this episode, but Moira’s tribute to Alexis upon graduation is truly moving.

“The Hope That Kills You”, Ted Lasso Season 1, Episode 10

Ted Lasso is perhaps the cutest show ever to air on television. It couldn’t hurt to spend time soaking up Ted’s unwavering selflessness, and this Bittersweet season finale finds Ted and his team at their best.

“Episode 1”, Fleabag Season 2, Episode 1

It could be a perfect TV episode. Starring a long, tense family dinner that ends in explosive conflict, watching “Episode 1” is equally eerie and wonderful, and offers the intricate exploration of family dynamics we all need for Thanksgiving. It also features the introduction of Andrew Scott as a sexy priest, which makes him a staple.

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