Top trends that will impact the PR industry in 2022

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The pandemic has caused a global shift in consumer habits, workplaces, travel opportunities and our daily lives in general. Many companies have had to completely overhaul their operations to accommodate and adapt to lockdowns, social distancing and Covid-19 outbreaks, forcing them to set up a new work environment.

As we head into a new year, most of us ask ourselves: what will 2022 bring?

If there is one thing we have all learned throughout the pandemic, it is that we cannot predict the future.

The shift to a home and virtual work environment has impacted many industries, including the public relations sector.

Throughout the pandemic, certain trends have emerged to help PR firms navigate the new normal.

Be creative in building relationships

While PR is known to be a creative industry, having to do it in a virtual environment presented its own unique challenges. Meeting in person is no longer an easy option, which challenges public relations professionals to find new ways to meet media contacts to form, build and maintain relationships. These relationships are the key to successful media presentations and article collection, which is why creativity is required to find ways to stay connected and prioritized with reporters in a virtual world.

Get off the beaten track

As many people continue to work from home, their media absorption habits have also changed. The commute to and from work seemed different for everyone, but for many people it was time to keep up with the news, whether it was over the radio, a tablet, or a newspaper. Public relations professionals will need to work with their clients to understand the end customer and craft their message to work in the media format used by the client. This may mean working with relevant and focused video series and podcast production teams to find opportunities to include client content alongside the planned show.

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Brand and client image

How companies have handled the pandemic and supported their employees over the past two years has become a major concern for current and potential employees. Many industries continue to struggle to recruit and retain the best talent, with employees moving to companies that offer a work environment more conducive to their needs.

The ability to continue working remotely and have flexibility during the workday to handle household and family chores has become a major driver of the employee movement, with employees seeking a job that matches. to their lives. The increased awareness of diversity and inclusion in the workplace has also been a driving force behind the employee movement, with people keen to work for a company where they will feel accepted, included and important, regardless of their background. race, sexuality or physical ability. For PR firms, this means working with their clients to emphasize the client’s brand as a top employer so that potential employees see them as a company they want to work for. It is not only important for the client to hire and retain talented employees, but also for the client to see them as a supportive employer who cares about their employees and treats them equally and fairly.

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The gray area of ​​public relations and marketing

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, marketing and public relations were very distinct fields with different goals. In the new normal, these teams must work closely together to support the customer’s broader brand message. Consumers are more brand aware and want to know that they are spending their money to support a brand that does good things for their employees and the world. As a result, PR firms should include supporting brand awareness messages in their pitch and providing commentary on market trends to marketing teams to stay on top of the latest upcoming trends.

Flexibility and trend monitoring are more important than ever for public relations professionals in this new world.

Constant change being an inevitable reality, public relations firms will have to remain agile in order to be able to support their clients and provide them with the best recommendations for maximum visibility.

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