Credit, Purchase of credit 52000 euros – Finance your projects

Online financing

You need money to buy consumer goods, expand your home, change your vehicle, kitchen, buy back your loans, or even build up a cash advance, the online credit offers a wide range of products that will meet to your expectations, this as soon as possible and at a very competitive cost.

The first step will be to look for the most advantageous credit rates .

Online credit saves you a lot of travel, phone calls and gives you complete information.

Thanks to this exceptional tool which are the comparators, you will benefit from a clear idea on the market rates practiced. These rates are all the lower as, on the one hand, the economy is favorable to credit; and that, on the other hand, the online credit agencies not having the expenses of the traditional credit institutions, they will make you profit from this advantage.

The organization chosen according to the criteria that you have selected, the latter will send you a simulation of schedule likely to inform you about your monthly repayments, the duration of the loan and the total cost of your credit.

This is a significant advantage because it will allow you to anticipate what awaits you. No surprise. Another advantage is that you will decide knowingly, safely from home or from your office, without pressure of any kind and taking your time.

The whole approach is simple and fast . No heavy administrative, no proof to provide, no displacement therefore a significant time saving. If you accept the offer, most organizations will be able to give you a decision in principle, either immediately or within 48 hours. To subscribe online is fast, simple and serious.

Auto loan

After years of loyal service, your old car needs a well-deserved retirement. So you will have to buy a new car, and this time you decided to buy it new at a dealership. You have found the jewel you dreamed of, but unfortunately you do not have the amount required on your bank account to offer it.

There is a solution that will allow you to make this gift, you could make a request to a credit agency that will lend you the amount you need to acquire your new car. You will then have to repay your car loan in fixed monthly installments, which will also include the interests of the car.

The vast majority of individuals who buy a new vehicle use a car loan to finance it, because it is very rare that we have all the necessary amount available in our bank account. The car loan allows you to buy a vehicle even if you do not have the necessary cash- Eligibility criteria. You will then be able to pay back the car loan you have taken, monthly, at your own pace based on your income.

You will then have to study the various financing solutions for your future vehicle before signing. How do you find the best auto loan for you?

At present, there are a multitude of organizations that will offer you a car loan. You certainly think that you will have to spend hours studying the rates proposed by each organization? Well, you will be able to compare a large number of organizations, so you can have a comparison of organizations with their interest rates. You will be able to easily visualize the monthly payments that you would have to pay as well as the total cost of your car loan.

You will be able to choose the organism with the most interesting conditions.

Consumer loan

With 52000 € one can enlarge his house, constitute the first installment of a new acquisition; to afford a beautiful equipped kitchen; change vehicles, or both; start a real estate investment offer you a cruise around the world. With online credit, everything is possible, everything is possible.

It consists of typing credit online. Comparators appear on the screen of your PC. They tell you which organizations have the best rates on the market. The latter will provide you with clear information that you can always complete by using a hotline. Putting them in competition becomes easy.

It is now a question of making a choice of organization that is relevant. For this purpose, a tool is available to you: simulation.

The latter will tell you exactly what is waiting for you, thanks to a schedule showing the amount of the rate, the amount of your monthly payments to repay, the duration of the loan and its total cost called TEG (overall effective rate).

It will be all the weaker, since competition plays its part perfectly; that the economy is favorable to credit; that these organizations have less expenses than traditional tour agencies, they will benefit you, which will also reduce the total amount of the loan.

This is the moment of the decision. Online credit combines the benefits. It guarantees you a very competitive rate; it is easy and quick to obtain; it saves you trips, provides mountains of documents, saves you time and avoids unnecessary stress. But above all, it allows you to make your decision from home, without pressure, taking all your time and in all peace.

Personal loan

For a custom loan, choose a loan that suits you, adopt the personal loan! A loan that adapts to your desires and needs! Finance freely your projects, your favorites or offer you the event of your dreams! A reception, a wedding, a birth: significant events that do not happen every day, so see things in a big way!

Do not miss a vacation on the other side of the world with your family, the new decor of the living room, a new kitchen or a plasma screen to watch your favorite movies! Without justification of use, you are the master of your projects and everything is managed in your loan without justification!

And if you give yourself a taste of dream? From home, in front of your computer, simulate online your borrowing capacity according to your income! Many possibilities of financing are available to you, as well as to your close ones to please you, to prepare your projects and to meet your expectations! How much do you value what is important to you? How much do you want to borrow? What rate will be applied? How long will the refund be? What will the monthly payments be? Discover all these answers to your questions in a few clicks, quickly and completely free!

Without an appointment, without leaving home, without making a file to study your request, quickly access the multiple solutions of the personal loan. A refund at your own pace, which includes the monthly payments as well as the interests of the loan, for a flexibility and a total optimization!

Whatever the nature of your project, you can now see things big: Financing solutions are available to you to achieve what is important to you, to make your life better.

Ready works

To set up a terrace, to install a swimming pool for the summer or even other work of renovations, all make use of necessary means. More and more individuals and property owners are opting for loan work. This is because the latter is very advantageous.

The loan works is the sum of money that an individual borrows from the bank or the credit institution in connection with the execution of works. This involves essential work such as repairing a roof and comfort work such as fitting out a new kitchen.

It can be granted to a principal residence, secondary or a rental property. This personal loan is not easy to acquire, unlike other types of personal loans. Several eligibility conditions that are set by the bank must be met.

As far as it is concerned, the maximum amount that can be borrowed is set at 75,000 euros for a period of 10 to 30 years. Considered a conventional consumer credit, the work loan is subject to the same rules regarding the 14-day withdrawal period or the terms of early repayment of a loan.

The loan works has many advantages. It is not necessary to justify the totality of the work, the invoice of purchases of materials can suffice. This seems to be beneficial if you do all the work yourself or in part.

Thanks to their repayment period, the work loan can also finance heavy projects. In addition, no collateral or house mortgage is needed. In addition, the credit interest rates renovation works or loan work insulation that offer banks and credit institutions are also very advantageous.

Purchase of credit of 52000 euros

It is not easy to find an excellent credit recovery rate for all your loans. It is to help those interested in facilitating their research is instituted this comparator credit online. The filling of the form will allow us to acquire more information about your situation.

Validation of the data you provide us from this form will put specialized institutions in competition to buy the amount of your loans up to 52000 euros. You have a huge choice to contact the one that suits you most to accompany you in your desire to change financial side ..

The benefits of a € 52,000 credit buyout

The subscription of several credit agreements sometimes makes the interested parties in a delicate situation and can be in a state of infallible repayment. They must then subscribe to a repurchase agreement that will unify their credit. The unification of your loan agreements into a single contract allows you to benefit from a unique credit insurance. Thus, the amount of insurance is minimal. The repurchase of credit foresees a state of difficulty of payment for the customer and puts in possibility the reduction of the rate of refund.

The TEG or the overall effective rate is the essential element of the loan agreement, as this limits the borrowing rate set by the financial institutions. It is used to compare offers made by financial institutions and banks.

For the offer to be profitable, the TEG must not exceed the rate of wear that is defined by the competent legislators. The TEG varies according to the amount borrowed and is expressed as a percentage. The benefit of this rate is its primary objective of protecting clients who wish to borrow money. The TEG is also applied for the credit surrender transaction.

Bankor loan redemption

Bankor is a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group and turns to a human positioning. Founded in 1986, the finance company specialized in consumer lending stands out as the local credit specialist, responsible and attentive to your needs. It manufactures and distributes financing solutions tailored to individual projects such as small businesses. Bankor offers the opportunity to apply for a list loan from its very well designed site.

Products offered by Bankor

Very close to its customers, Bankor offers to individuals and professionals a wide range of credits in order to concretize all your projects in the most adapted way to your profile and your budget:

  • Bankor’s revolving credit gives you access at any time to the amount of money requested.
  • The Bankor MasterCard allows you to pay your default or credit cash purchases anywhere in the world and make withdrawals at no cost. The deferred payment is free and can go up to forty days. You keep all the guarantees of a MasterCard credit card.
  • Classic personal loans are all available from Bankor. You benefit from a work loan , a car and motorbike loan , as well as a project loan that will be very useful for you to easily realize your desires.
  • Credit Redemption brings together all your outstanding loans, whatever their nature, into one single loan. You have a simpler and clear vision of your repayments because you benefit from a single monthly payment taken on a fixed date. You are thus better able to anticipate a possible fall in income. Thanks to reduced monthly payments, you have the faculty to undertake new projects.
  • Bankor markets a form of innovative loan, it is the loan backed by employee savings. Entitled Prêt Myself, it is ideal to realize your project of 500 euros to 75 000 euros. Indeed, you can take advantage early of your employee savings to repay the capital at the time of annual release of your savings.
  • Insurance formulas are also very efficient. You’ll find something to protect all credit subscriptions. If you opt for a car or motorcycle loan, Bankor protects you from any problem. By taking out a work loan, Bankorwill cover your monthly payments in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and in the event that you repay a loan for projects, taking out insurance will make you more confident in fulfilling your wishes in complete safety. Even the Myself loan has specific insurance. You always have peace of mind and your loved ones as these optional insurance guarantees that you take care of your situation. A death, a total and irreversible loss of autonomy, a total temporary inability to work, the loss of your job will not come to undermine your finances since your credit will be settled by Bankor. You are certain to have the ability to repay your loans even under the worst of circumstances. You will never embarrass your loved ones because they will not have to take your relay in tragic circumstances. Although the insurance of a loan is not obligatory, it is advised however to cover risks which can arise at any time.

The strengths of the Bankor loan redemption

Bankor offers financing solutions at really attractive rates. The Bankor website makes it possible to consult the available balance, to request a transfer to finance a project or to consult a statement of account. Navigation is facilitated and it is within the reach of all.

You will find all the necessary information about credit so you do not get started without knowing your commitments. By applying for a credit with Bankor, you will receive a response in principle in less than five minutes and you do not agree in any case. The organization agrees to send you your funding after final acceptance of your file in 48 hours.

Your money is not only available quickly but you also benefit from a monthly payment transfer once your personal situation becomes too complex. Bankor puts itself within the reach of honest consumers and understands the temporary difficulties. As a result, she tries at all costs to avoid over- indebtedness .

The weak spots

Bankor lacks notoriety despite its great professionalism.

The Hamon law applied to the personal loan

The law n ° 2014-344 of March 17, 2014 relating to the consumption was thought by the minister Benoît Hamon in the field of the credits of consumption.

This text aims to strengthen consumer rights and protection by creating a more binding framework for sellers.

The  Hamon law, the insured has the option to terminate his motor liability insurance or multi-risk home insurance at any time, once the first birthday has expired. Article L. 113-15-2 of the French Consumer Code confirms that the closure will be done without costs or penalties at the end of the twelfth month of the contract.

The borrower insurance

The Lagarde law is supposed to facilitate the practice of the delegation of insurance which makes it possible to subscribe the borrower insurance in a school other than that issuing the credit but in practice, the banks managed to keep the hand in this field.

With the Hamon law, customers can cancel their borrower insurance contract within twelve months of signing the loan offer as stipulated in Article L. 312-9 of the French Consumer Code. This time allows them time to find cheaper with the competition.

This measure allows for savings and lower prices while maintaining comfortable warranties. To benefit from it, it is necessary to send a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, a maximum of fifteen days before the annual expiry of the insurance contract.

Notice to be respected

The financial institution must give ten days’ notice as of the receipt of the new insurance contract before accepting the transfer of the file. It is however entitled to refuse if it does not present equivalent levels of guarantees.

Once the new offer has been issued, the credit institution must amend the loan agreement to calculate a new free- at-the-money rate at no charge. In addition, the Hamon law gives additional protection to the person buying a good or service on the Internet and specifies the conditions related to mass consumer disputes that allows aggrieved customers to assert their rights collectively, by requesting an association of Consumers approved by the State will then seize the Tribunal de Grande Instance on its behalf, as provided for in the new Article L. 423-1 of the Consumer Code.

Final cost to compare

Finally, in accordance with Article L. 311-8-1 of the French Consumer Code, if a customer is offered a revolving credit, the financial institution must make a personal loan or credit proposal to enable them to compare the final cost, regardless of the loan amount.

Sellers must also provide customers with information that clearly compares the operation, cost, depreciation and repayment terms of the two proposed credits. This provision really helps to improve the prevention of over-indebtedness.

Credit 6000 euros – Find financing in 2 minutes

Loan online

You intend to buy a rather expensive property, a house, a car or a television, but you are not sure who to contact to get the desired amount? Have you ever considered subscribing to an online credit, but would you like more information on companies offering this type of service? Do not go further, this article is for you.

Getting credit is not easy. And that, companies have understood and they no longer hesitate to offer you credits directly online. The entire process takes place directly on your computer, via the Internet, from the inquiry to the final credit subscription, as well as the repayment phases.

Anyone interested can therefore call on the services of a company offering online credit. So you who want to subscribe to a credit to finance your various projects, do not hesitate a single second. It’s fast , efficient, and you benefit from a service perfectly adapted to your needs.

Subscribing to an online credit has never been easier. Today, the guarantees requested are exactly the same as for a credit subscribed directly from your bank. All the usual procedure, all the conditions of access to credit and offers of credit, are perfectly the same. Having access to credit directly online is the guarantee of greater ease throughout the process. You also benefit from an adviser (also online) present at your side to answer your smallest questions.

Subscribe to an online credit is to enjoy quality service, serious and close to you, without having to move directly to your home, in front of your computer. All the ease of an online service with the guarantees and security offered by competent companies. Do not hesitate to do your credit simulation now to estimate your needs and get the credit that suits you.

Automotive financing

If you need to buy a new or used vehicle in the coming weeks, but can not afford it, then auto credit can be a solution for you. However; you do not want to run everywhere to find out which organization will propose the one that suits you best. The best solution then is to use an auto credit comparator online, here’s why.

You do not have to go to the site yourself anymore and waste time making appointments and collecting documents, access to the internet and a few clicks are enough to compare offers.

You will have access to all information regarding each offer simultaneously. You will be able to see all the possibilities in a clear, clear and precise way without misunderstanding and unequivocal. And finally you will choose the one whose conditions are best for you according to your project and your expectations.

Another advantage of online credit comparison is the ability to perform a simulation to find out immediately if a loan can be granted under certain conditions. You can then join an organization and apply for credit.

It is sometimes difficult to start buying a vehicle when you have relatively little money. Only sometimes it is difficult to do otherwise when you need to move quickly. So why deprive yourself if you have the opportunity to make a loan?

Take a credit with us and we will offer you the best offers according to your means and your expectations! Do not be afraid to get started, we are here to help you in your efforts and make your life easier. So do not hesitate because you need it!

Cons credit

You wish to realize a project? You want to equip your apartment? To travel ? Buy a motorcycle? You have projects but do not know how to finance them because you do not have enough savings.

Whatever your project, the consumer credit is the right answer and will allow you to finance and realize your desire of the moment. A consumer credit, how does it work?

This is a loan to finance any type of need and you can get from a bank or credit institution. The rate is fixed for the duration of the loan and your monthly payment is constant. If you wish, you can even repay it before its term. Depending on the rate and the desired amount, you choose the repayment period so that the monthly payment is adapted to your income and is not too heavy to bear.

A consumer loan of € 6,000, how much does it cost? You can simulate the desired loan by choosing the amount and duration of the loan that best suits your situation. You will know the monthly payment you will have to pay every month to get the sum of 6 000 € and realize your project. This simulation will also allow you to know the cost of this credit that is to say the total interest you paid during the loan period.

Simulate and apply for a loan on our site! Do not hesitate to use our site to make simulations and even just make your loan application. Without leaving home, you will have access to all the information you need to prepare your application.

Your financing will be paid into the bank account you have designated, after study of your vouchers and final acceptance of your file by the lender.

Personal credit

From small surprises to large bills, sometimes everyone has to take out a personal loan to face financial difficulties or a large bill or a need for work in the home. But this expense is not always included in the budget. This is why it is essential to know all the details of the proposed loan and its repayment. As the term of the loan, the rate applied to it …

In the case of a personal loan, the sum lent is not allocated to a specific expense, it can be used for everything like the purchase of a vehicle or furniture. The borrower does not need to specify his project to the bank that lends him the money, but he has the right to know all the loan conditions.

For that, to be able to compare several financial institutions is essential, and that is what the comparators of credits propose. Provide you with essential information without having to go to several different agencies to get them and compare them later. The list of banks that offer the best loan terms based on the information provided in the only form you have completed on the site is indicated.

The comparator is very fast and gives you in a few seconds the applied rate, the total cost of the credit, the amount of the monthly payments and the duration of the credit, you just have to choose the bank which offers you the most advantageous conditions .

Once you have made your choice of your chair, without having moved from home, you can also apply for credit online, which offers additional time and the possibility of having a quick response from principle from the chosen bank.

The credit comparator brings only benefits to its users.

Works financing

Banks or credit organizations can lend money to an individual who asks them to do work on their home. Regardless of the nature of the proposed work, what is important for these organizations is the soundness of the demand and the security of the amount allocated in terms of reimbursement. In this regard, the loan is subject to rules that the applicant must respect once the contract is signed. This is the interest rate, set proportionally in relation to the amount and duration of the repayment period, which is however limited. All repayment terms are fixed in advance and are known by the borrower.

Since this is work related to real estate, the repayment of the loan work loans can be facilitated by the various grants and subsidies to which the interested party can claim. Eligibility for this aid is ensured if the work concerns the optimization of energy performance. In addition, the interested party can choose his repayment possibilities among the proposals of the organization. In other words, we can do one or two projects at a time, or very urgent work with loads spread over time.

To be sure to get through your projects without a hitch and according to the expected result, an effective way is put at your service via our site. It’s a work loan simulator. It will let you know the most interesting offer and the financing proposal best suited to your means. This simulation is free and does not present any commitment on your part as long as you are an employee or benefit from a regular income. All you need is a building specialist to help you get a quote for your project.

skibank work loan

Your family is growing? Do you need more space or comfort in your home?

The simplest solution is to use the Orange bank loan which has the advantage of being easy to subscribe and unlock.

Skibank, the mobile bank for you

The concept of skibank is innovative because its offers are based on customer needs. Indeed, in the 21st century, almost everyone has a smartphone. What makes this 100% online bank decided to offer offers tailored to the uses of its customers.

Everything happens on your Smartphone or your laptop, where you can contact any day or night your virtual adviser to ask for advice or simply apply for a loan skibank work . You can also share, exchange information or interact on the skibank Forum as well as on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Skibank loan, an offer at a favorable rate

Thanks to the loan skibank work , you can undertake repair work, renovation or expansion of your home with confidence and in the most complete security. Because this 100% mobile bank gives you a high level of security regarding all the operations carried out through its mobile application that you can download simply on Google Play and App Store.

In addition, you will benefit from a Fixed Annual Effective Rate (APR) of only 1.99%, whether it is a car loan, a loan to finance your various projects or a loan skibank works . And this, for a loan over 7,000 euros for a period of 48 months, without having to bear any fees. In fact, it is the consumer credit skibank whose amount can vary between 500 and 75 000 euros, with a period of between 12 and 120 months.

The benefits of the Skibank work loan

The first benefit of this loan is that you have the opportunity to reduce the amount of your credit. And this, until three months after the funds have been released. Similarly, during this period, you can choose the date of the beginning of the repayments as well as that of the withdrawals.

In the same register, you have a period of six months after the agreement of skibank to unblock the funds. And if you do not need a part of the loan already granted, you can request the cancellation of this fraction, without additional costs.

Finally, skibank offers you to use its online simulator to know all the details about your loan and so, make a decision with all the cards in hand.

Amphibank work loan

You want to do work in your kitchen, shower, living room, living room decoration, … but a handicap of size prevents you: the financing.

That should not stop you in your projects, because the group amphibank, specialized in consumer credit, offers the financing solution for your work.

Amphibank, Financial Solutions Expert

A subsidiary of the Retail Group, amphibank is mainly active in banking and insurance. The services offered by amphibank have diversified since its creation in 1983.

Thus, in the 11 countries and particularly in France where the group is actively present, customers, if they wish, can benefit from financial assistance for their housework. This is the personal loan Works / Decoration proposed to all.

Personal Loan Work / Deco Amphibank: the financial support you need!

This type of credit is for anyone, owner or tenant, who wants to do work at home or acquire equipment for housing.

The highlights of amphibank’s Construction / Decorating Credit

The benefits of amphibank’s work loan are many. Indeed, the granting of credit is followed by various personalized services. Flexibility according to the will of the borrower, because it is he who chooses the duration on which the repayment will spread. It is between 12 and 60 months and can go up to 80 months if the project is justified.

Although the duration is fixed at the beginning, the customer has a not inconsiderable flexibility which can enable him to take a break (without being debited) of 2 monthly installments a year if he faces some temporary difficulties. The process, totally free, is done online after a few steps.

How to get the Amphibank Work Loan?

The process takes place in 3 steps and you have all the keys to get the sum you need.

1. Amphibank allows you to make a simulation of your credit: by selecting the loan amount and then the duration or the monthly payment, the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) applied to your credit is displayed. It is this rate that allows you to choose the best organization to subscribe to this credit. Want to know the APRs applied by amphibank’s competitors? Just use our very accurate comparison tool .

2. Complete the online application form; an agreement in principle is immediately concluded.

3. Following this written agreement that you must download and return to amphibank with the supporting documents, your case will be studied and the response to your request will be given within 48 hours.

Since this is a 100% remote subscription, you can claim your right of withdrawal no later than 14 days, if your loan is unlocked and you do not want more.

Insurance of your personal loan Amphibank Works / Decoration

Life is full of surprises and it is better to be ready for all eventualities. For this, amphibank offers a borrower insurance to help customers if they can not repay their credit. Membership is optional and the guarantee provides for death or temporary incapacity for work of at least 90 days.

Subscribing to amphibank Work Loans has some definite benefits. But before doing so, it is better to make a comparison to choose the best offer available.

Personalized housing assistance

The objective of Housing Assistance is to facilitate access to low- income earners. There are many more if you have work to finance.

What is it?

For tenants: This is a payment of part of the rent.

For the owners: It takes the form of a repayment of the loan of a principal residence.

Only one dwelling per beneficiary can benefit from the right to the APL, that of the principal residence. The whole household can only make one request. The amount of your personalized assistance entitlement varies according to the geographical area where the accommodation is located.

It also varies according to your family situation (couple, single person, etc …). Personalized housing assistance depends on your resources and the nature of your principal residence.

For people who depend on the agricultural system, the aid is paid by the MSA or the CAF.

The conditions to respect to benefit from it

Resource Conditions

The total income of people living in the household is taken into account in the final calculation. Some ceilings must not be exceeded. The resources of the year N-2 are taken into account to calculate your APL.

This is the reference tax income reported for the entire household and shown on your tax notice. The incomes of all tenants are taken into account if you live in a flat share.

It should also be known that the wealth is included in the calculation of the rights if it exceeds 30 000 euros and that since October 1, 2016. Your APL may be reduced or canceled if you find yourself in this situation.

Beneficiaries of the AAH and the elderly who reside in EHPAD are not concerned by this measure. The lower the household income, the more likely you are to receive the PLA.

Shipping company conditions related to the nature of the accommodation

In order to benefit from personalized housing assistance , the housing must be considered as decent and strictly respect the security criteria:

  • Respect for a minimum surface area per person in the home
  • Electricity grid complies with standards.

In order for the organization you depend on (CAF or MSA) to study your rights to personalized housing assistance , you must be in one of the following situations:

  • Rental or roommate in a housing agreement: an agreement with the State must have been signed by the owner of the housing you rent.

It shows his commitment to rent at a maximum rent. If this is not the case, you can still benefit another housing benefit.

Sub-tenants may also benefit from shipping company provided that they are reported to the owner:

  • Owner who has benefited from a loan contracted by the State
  • Resident in a shelter: young workers’ home, social residence
  • Resident in HLM
  • Resident of CROUS housing

However, if you rent to a member of your ascendant family (parents, grandparents) or descendants (children, grandchildren) or the descendants of your spouse, you can not qualify for personalized housing assistance .
The area of ​​housing is also taken into account in the study of the right to APL. It must be at least 9 square meters for a single person and at least 16 square meters for 2 people.

CAF APL is paid only for your primary accommodation. You must occupy it (you, your spouse or any other dependent) at least 8 months a year in order to benefit from this assistance.

Personalized housing assistance can be awarded regardless of your employment situation (employee, jobseeker, student) and regardless of family composition.

A residence permit is mandatory for any applicant who is a foreign national outside the European Union.

Minors can also claim CAF APL. The rental agreement must be in the name of his parents if the minor is not emancipated.

Ready work, what to make money not used?

Perform renovations, expansion or embellishment can bring the need of getting a loan.

It is sometimes difficult to predict exactly the amount needed, despite the quotes made by artisans and builders.

In this case, and depending on the type of loan, what to do with the remaining sum?

Go read our tips on credit work before you start.

With an unassigned personal loan

For small jobs, the personal loan , sometimes called project loan, is ideal. Indeed, the sum borrowed is paid directly to the account, which allows to use it freely. There is no need to justify expenses, no invoices to purchase materials or labor to provide.

This allows, for work, to achieve all or part of the project itself, which is particularly convenient for the embellishment, decoration or small renovation. These personal loans, however, are limited to modest amounts and can not involve major work.

What to do with the money left??

In the case of a personal loan, if the entire sum is not used in the planned work, the remaining money can be used freely . As no proof is required, it can be used for anything else, from buying a used car to a trip, according to needs and desires.

It is also possible to consider an early repayment of the loan to reduce the amount of maturities or the duration of the credit. However, this may lead to additional costs that must be taken into account. They depend on the lender, the amount borrowed and the end date of the credit.

With a work loan

To carry out work of medium or large scale, the loan works will be the best choice. Although it is not as flexible as the personal loan, it often gives the opportunity to borrow more, and at better rates.

In addition, security on this type of loan is present, since if the provider does not honor its commitments, it is possible to cancel the loan directly. Finally, the work loan is often flexible enough to allow individuals to carry out part of the work themselves – it will then be necessary to provide invoices for the purchase of materials.

Good to know : work loans are limited to € 75,000. It is possible to associate them with subsidized loans, such as eco-loans at zero rates, for example.

What to do with the money left?

If part of the money is not spent on most of the work, it is possible with this type of loan to carry out additional projects. If, for example, renovations of a house are made, the remaining sum can be used for decoration, change of household appliances, installation of a gate or an intercom …

As long as the money spent has a link with the work done and it is possible to justify expenses with invoices, this is not a problem. Before incurring expenses for this purpose, however, always check with the credit institution whether there are any restrictions or special rules to be complied with.

With a mortgage

For works of more than 75 000 €, it will be necessary to go through a mortgage . If, again, the conditions are more restrictive, the rates will also be more interesting.

With this type of loan, it is necessary to precisely predict the amount of work to be done and it is often mandatory to go through a professional provider. Indeed, unlike the other types of credits presented, it will not be possible to expand the use of the remaining money to any other type of project. Depending on the credit institution, these conditions will be more or less strict and it is advisable to consult in detail the signed contract.

What to do with the money left?

The unspent money from a real estate credit for work will either have to be repaid early or used specifically to give more scope to the planned work. In the latter case, for example, it will be necessary to consider using higher quality materials or buying the best equipment.

If the original project only concerns part of the house, it will be possible to extend the work to other parts of the house. However, for each modification of the project, it will be necessary to consult beforehand the crediting agency of the sum of money.

Assisted work loans

In the specific case of assisted work loans , such as the zero-rated eco-loan, which is the most popular in the case of insulation work or for any other improvement in energy performance, the sum lent can only be spent very strictly. for the planned project. It will not be possible to expand the expenses to any other part of the work.

Credit works online, why is it advantageous?

Appeared from this, at least, 4000 years ago, credit is a practice that has evolved over time. Its basic principle remains, however, the same: to lend money to a person (physical or moral) and to be reimbursed, with a remuneration (interest).

Traditionally granted by conventional financial institutions (banks), credit has gradually been “digitized”. Online credit, or credit on the Internet, is now part of the services offered by banks.

How are they different from their counterpart in conventional banks? Elements of the answers in the paragraphs below.

Online Credit: What is it?

It is a type of credit, granted almost exclusively by online banks, with generally more flexible terms than conventional credit. He has a big advantage, which is to allow his claimant to do all the work without moving.

Once his request is sent, he gets an answer within 24 hours. Indeed, the agreement in principle can be obtained within minutes of sending, provided that the project is deemed feasible. In the process, the essential information is made available to the customer: the monthly payments, the duration of the repayment, the interest rate, the amount of monthly payments.

The case of credit work on the internet

The credit works is a type of credit granted, for the realization of certain accommodation arrangements: renovation, expansion, adaptation to disabled, thermal insulation. Embellishments, kitchen alterations, conservatories or decorations are also eligible for this type of loan.

However, terraces, fences and other outdoor facilities are excluded. Whatever the need, the nature of the work will be agreed with the bank. Therefore, supporting documents will be required to verify the conformity of the work, and allow the establishment of credit.

Differences with credit work of conventional banks

Institutions offer two types of loans (or loans) for housing projects. First of all, there is the personal loan, with which the borrower has the freedom to use the money as he pleases. In this case, the customer will fill in the solvency files and the conditions of resources, allowing him to claim this type of credit.

Then there is the assigned work credit, whose use is exclusively reserved for the realization of the work. In other words, this type of loan does not offer flexibility. On the other hand, most online banks offer loans of one type, opening to different types of projects.

How works credit works on the internet

In the research process, comparators exist on the internet, making it possible to obtain several offers at the same time. The applicant therefore decides, only after having studied all the offers submitted to him. It is actually simulations, informing about its monthly payments, its interest rate, the duration …

An element to be taken into consideration in these simulations, the APR (annual percentage rate of charge). After simulation, a summary page summarizes all credit related information. Once granted, the applicant goes online to sign the agreement. To assist customers, online banks provide advisors who can be contacted 24/7.

Conditions of credit internet works

The credit works online obeys the conditions for granting credit in conventional banks. The applicant must be a physical person or legal entity, whose main residence is in France. Thanks to the multiplicity and diversity of the offer, customers can find the most suitable loans for their projects.

Some establishments even offer guides for this purpose. After signing the contract, the customer has a withdrawal period of 14 days.

Credit works in a classic bank

To renovate or renovate your home, the work can quickly increase the bill.

The services of a bank make it possible to benefit from a loan to realize its projects of dream. What are the arrangements to be made beforehand?

The prerequisite to apply for a loan works

To embark on the work of construction, development or renovation is not improvisation. It is necessary to establish concrete quotes from professionals. This makes it possible to accurately quantify the necessary budget. The specifications are guides for studying the necessary aids.

You have to know in advance whether there will be a subsidy or a loan at a profitable rate. Banks can grant a loan without a contribution by studying savings, existing loans and probable cash inflows. The subsidized loan is more granted for energy renovation works. The social housing loan is reserved for low-income households.

They receive nearly 4,000 euros to finance the energy renovation works. The zero-rate loan is also granted by the State in the event of limited resources to acquire an old home to renovate.

The credit simulator works is ideal for estimating the required loan. Whether for expansion or renovation work, take the time to make a good estimate of the amount of work. The credit simulator works is free.

The issues needed before choosing a work loan

Before starting the procedure for the subscription of a loan work, in a serious establishment , it is necessary to ask some questions. The first question concerns the scope, purpose and purpose of the work.

Is it the improvement of the living environment, the upgrading or reducing the energy bill? What is the budget needed to actually do the work? To answer this problem, we need to collect data by asking a range of quotes from professionals to make an estimate of the real cost of the work.

What is the current debt capacity? This is a crucial question to not sink into endless debt. In principle, the monthly payments of all loans must not exceed 33% of monthly income.

What will be the real impact of the monthly payments on the family budget? This loan does not risk to lead the family to its decline? Would it be possible to opt for a particular category of work loans with a zero interest rate.

Interest rates are taken into account entirely by the State. The PTZ still called the loan rate 0 is the work of the government to assist individuals in carrying out work related to a new home.

The second case is the eco-PTZ or eco-loan work rate 0. It is granted for the financing of renovations of buildings made before the year 1990. The work relates to thermal insulation or installation of energy sources renewable.

A real estate loan or a consumer loan to carry out the work?

It is possible to finance the work by subscribing to a classic bank credit. The mortgage loan can be used to finance the work. The sums are in principle released according to the progress of the work on the presentation of the invoices.

As a homeowner, you can get a home loan from your bank. Consumer credit is unsecured and unsecured. When doing the work yourself, you can apply for a consumer loan at your bank.

In this case, no estimate is required, unlike the works credit. As soon as the sum is paid, the renovation can be done without the intervention of professionals. Nevertheless, the works that are subsidized by the ANAH are generally carried out by a building expert. When it comes to Action Logement’s improvement work, the various equipment acquisition invoices must be presented.

The procedures for obtaining the loan works

The loan application must be filed with the targeted bank.

The file contains the proof of address and identity, the last 3 statements of account, the latest tax notice, the supporting documents of the proposed works, namely the specifications or the architect’s plan, proof of the relevance of the works considered, the certificate of the value of the building, the amortization table of the possible loans on the building, the proofs of income including pay slips, the balance sheet of the company, declarations Urssaf, the proof CAF , insurer or pension fund and the supporting documents concerning outstanding credits through the presentation of the amortization schedule and payment certificates issued by the bank or lender.

To optimize the loan application file, it is advisable to gather the documents, think carefully in advance, make a personal contribution and provide a deposit.